The Right Way


Do You Qualify For A
 Short Sale?
  • The Home's Market Value Has Dropped
  • The Mortgage Is In Or Near Default Status
  • The Seller Has Fallen on Hard Times
-  Unemployment
-  Divorce
                    -  Medical emergency -  Sudden illness
-  Bankruptcy
-  Death 
  • The Seller Has No Assets
Should You Buy A Home In Foreclosure?
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12 Things You Must Know About Investing Right Now
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Services We Provide To Our Clients
We have a long and proven history of successful consultations with buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants that met and exceeded expectations. We believe it is our duty to serve  the community in a wholistic way.
- We consult with homeowners and list properties for sale in a realistic market.
- We consult with buyers seeking their dream home or investment property in their benefit and assist with loans, mortgages and other financing.  First  time home buyer programs are available.
- We guide and assist homeowners and sellers struggling with their mortgage. Our free consultations   offer clients solutions such as: Loan Modifications, Payment plans, Short Sales, Forebearance, or Deed In Lieu.
- We assist landlords with background checks of potential tenants for residential and commercial properties.
- We assist tenants who are seeking apartment and home rentals.
- We are commited to seeking and offering the best commerical properties our clients can buy.
- We also offer REO Bulk and  package. 
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Tips For The Buyer
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Tips For The Landlord
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Tips For The Seller
Tips For The Tenant
Why Financiers Make So Much Money
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