The Right Way

Rite Realty Group has a long history of providing reliable and
       affordable service to the communities of New York. 

We take pride in the challenge of helping members of the community to
solve real estate issues on a client-by-client basis that
earned us a favorable reputation fitting for the news.                       

  We have over 25 years of collective skills and experience within the

mortgage industry serving various communities the Right Way! 

Rite Realty Group is an associate partner of Nardin Realty Associate and Foreclosure Equity Refund. These companies also assisted a homeowner successfully battle home foreclosure.... and win! (see news article in "Testimonials" section on our home page)

We Serve All 5 boroughs of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester County, and more.

Office hours: Monday - Saturday
10:00 A.M.-7:30 P.M.
Telephone: 718-545-7483 (RITE)
              718-278-7483 (RITE)
              888-988-7483 (RITE)
            Fax:        718-956-7483 (RITE)



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Specializing In:
  • Loan Modifications
  • Short Sales
  • Mortgage
  • Forebearance
  • Deed In Lieu
  • Payment Plans

We also offer individual, package and  bulk REO's. Prices  are  based on area of  interest.

If you are interested in purchasing REO's,  please  fill out our contact form (listed below -right).  One of our agents will contact you  within  48-72 hours.

**Note **
We are unable to offer any further information without  obtaining verification of   financial documents.